The ACCME expects organizations found to be in noncompliance with Core Accreditation Criteria or with applicable Standards of Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education, and potentially with applicable Accreditation Policies, reviewed in the accreditation process, to demonstrate compliance through the progress report process. The ACCME will notify providers whether they are required to submit a progress report via their decision report.

The ACCME’s notification will include the timeline, important milestones, and a description of the progress report process. Generally, a first progress report must be reviewed no more than one year from the date of the original finding. A progress report serves as an important opportunity for a provider to demonstrate that it has mechanisms in place to make improvements to its CME program. The requirement to improve is an integral part of the ACCME’s accreditation system.

Providers will receive a decision from the ACCME based on a review of all the information and materials submitted as part of their progress report.

If all criteria or policies that were found to be in noncompliance are not corrected, the ACCME may require another progress report, a focused interview, and/or a change of status may result. 

There may be circumstances when the ACCME requires clarification at the time of the provider's next review to be certain the provider is in compliance, or when a progress report may be deferred to a future cohort, because, for example, a provider has not had sufficient time within the context of its CME program to implement improvements or to produce evidence to support compliance.

Preparing and Submitting an ACCME Progress Report

ACCME asks providers to describe the following in their Progress Reports:

  1. the results of their organization’s self-assessment of the ACCME’s findings of noncompliance.
  2. the improvements identified and implemented to rectify the findings of noncompliance.
  3. current practice now that improvements have been implemented.

Providers must also furnish evidence of performance-in-practice demonstrating compliance.

Submission instructions and format requirements will be provided at the time the provider is notified of the need to submit a progress report.  The progress report will include a narrative description of improvements made in specific areas of noncompliance and evidence of performance-in-practice demonstrating compliance.  A standard progress report review fee will be required. (See "Accreditation Fee Schedule.")

ACCME staff will review the progress report for completeness and will contact the provider with any questions. Note that the ACCME conducts its affairs in English and requires that all progress reports be submitted in English. Once ACCME staff determines that all needed information is present, the decision making process begins.