Education as Strategy for Leadership

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“Go talk to your leaders. Ask them what their priorities are. Help them understand how education can be a solution they’re looking for and an engine that drives the transformation of healthcare that all of us are looking for.” In this video, Dr. McMahon, ACCME’s President & CEO, discusses Education as Strategy for Leadership.


>>McMAHON: CME providers have a terrific opportunity to engage with your leadership and help them understand how to use education as strategy. If you look at corporations across America, educational innovation, talent management, enterprise education have become very normal. And that expectation is evolving into healthcare, where we don't just defer responsibility for professional development to the individual clinicians but the institution assumes some of that responsibility as well.

Why should leaders care about CME? Well, education can be a very powerful force within your organization. Organizations have organizational priorities that can be met with education, and education can be used as the engagement vehicle towards those institutional priorities. Number two, education has a terrific convening power to bring people together, and those relationships are very important in an increasingly fragmented and isolationist environment. Number three, those relationships, when they bring people together, are often interprofessional, and interprofessional collaboration creates a cultural transformation that's necessary to drive quality teaming and quality in patient care. Number four, education drives quality and safety in care by improving self-awareness, by addressing gaps, by fixing problems. Educational investment and implementation make a meaningful difference to the performance of organizations. And finally, education can be so much fun. It can be fulfilling and engaging for clinicians and that, too, reduces burnout, reduces turnover, and delivers enormous return on investment.

So go talk to your leaders, ask them what their priorities are, help them understand how education can be much of the solutions they're looking for, and an engine that drives a transformation in healthcare that all of us are looking for.