Diversity in CME

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Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, ACCME, discusses diversity in CME.


>>McMAHON: There is terrific strength in diversity that we nurture and value here at ACCME. Our learners are incredibly diverse in what they need to know, how they learn, how they prefer to learn. And that diversity needs to be reflected in the types of organizations and the activities that those organizations produce in CME. Organizations differ in the professional practice that they're trying to focus on or the diversity of practices that they're trying to reach. Maybe they're trying to reach an interprofessional audience or an interdisciplinary audience or maybe a very focused one. There's diversity in formats, in objectives, in assessment methods, in the timeline of the educational program itself.

And each of our providers are different as well, whether they're small and community-based, whether an education company, a publishing company, a society, a major academic health center, incredible diversity in the types of needs that each of those organizations have and their models. There's also diversity that's valuable between the skills of the CME professional and the clinician educators that come together to create terrific programming. Together, that is diversity that we value, it's diversity that we need, and it's diversity that leads to a quality educational system that delivers high-quality care.