Coming This Year: PARS Improvements

PARS Screenshot

We’re excited to update you about our upcoming launch of ACCME’s new, improved Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS). As we announced previously, our goal is to simplify the data-reporting process for CME providers and increase the value of data for stakeholders, including providers, clinicians, researchers, certifying and licensing boards, and government agencies. This initiative supports our strategic goal to advance data systems.  

The new version of PARS will feature a modernized, user-friendly, streamlined interface for activity and learner reporting. Reflecting feedback that we’ve heard from providers and other stakeholders, the new version will:  

  • Include a dashboard for your CME program 

  • Provide expanded capability for generating reports 

  • Simplify data entry for activities that span multiple years  

  • Enable providers to choose to display any of their activities in CME Finder  

  • Simplify options for entering learner data  

  • Enable providers to register activities for maintenance of certification using an Excel template 

We’ll also introduce a more robust version of CME Finder, enabling clinicians to more easily search for accredited CME activities that address their needs.   

We’re making these changes based on recommendations from the CME community as well as other stakeholders. We appreciate the input we’ve received, and we’ll continue to offer opportunities for CME providers to give us feedback as we move forward.   

Getting Ready for the New, Improved PARS 

We expect to launch the new version of PARS later this year. In the meantime, please proceed with submitting data for the 2020 year-end reporting deadline and continue to enter your activity and learner data as you usually do. 

We’ll provide you with updates and instructions in the coming months to support your use of the new version of PARS. We encourage you to begin thinking now about how you might take advantage of the new features after the launch. 

  • Activity data: With the new PARS, you’ll have the option to promote any of your current or future activities in CME Finder. Consider how to modify your process and schedule so that you can enter your activities prospectively in PARS. 

  • Learner data: The new PARS will have expanded functionality, giving you the option to enter physician-learner data for any of your activities. We plan to expand our collaborations with certifying and licensing boards to meet their needs and to reduce burdens on physicians. By entering your learner data, you can participate in these collaborations, adding value to your CME program and physician learners. What modifications will you need to make in your own data systems or processes to take advantage of this new opportunity? 

We’re looking forward to working together with you to improve and simplify data reporting. Watch for more updates in our newsletter and on our website. 

Questions? We’re happy to help. Please reach out to