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How is a manuscript review activity defined?

Manuscript review is an activity in which a learner participates in the critical review of an assigned journal manuscript during the pre-publication review process of a journal. 

When you report a manuscript review activity in PARS, report each journal for which the manuscript is reviewed as an individual activity regardless of the number of manuscripts and the number of reviewers. For available credits, specify the amount of time you believe a learner would take to complete the manuscript review activity. The number of learners should reflect the distinct number of learners engaged in reviewing manuscripts.  

For example, a provider published one journal. During the year, 25 learners reviewed manuscripts for this journal. Each learner spent 2 hours on their review. In PARS, the provider would report this as 1 manuscript review activity, with 25 Learners and 2 credits. 

Each manuscript review activity should be reported for a maximum of a 12-month period. If this activity is available for longer than 12 months, it should be reported as a separate activity each year in which it is available.

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