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Criterion 34: #176735 - Compliance

The CME team (CME staff and CME committee) completed a self-assessment on the Menu of Criteria for Accreditation with Commendation with the goal of seeking commendation at the provider’s next review. A learning plan was developed and resources budgeted to send one CME staff and one committee member… More

Criterion 34: #176737 - Compliance

A review of evaluations from learners indicated a need for archived versions of live CME activities that learners were unable to attend. The CME unit was not up to date on the requirements for enduring materials and they also did not have the equipment to record live activities. The CME team… More

Criterion 34: #176738 - Compliance

The provider identified the need for better process management and process controls in their unit. The provider developed a streamlined approach for effectively identifying and applying for grants, managing agreements with commercial supporters, and obtaining and resolving conflicts of interest… More