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Criterion 24: #176608 - Compliance

In a CME activity titled “Surviving Cancer: What Comes Next?” the faculty consisted of an oncologist who led the surgical treatment, the patient and her adult daughter, and the patient’s primary care physician (PCP). The patient and her daughter shared the story of the diagnosis, surgery, and… More

Criterion 24: #176609 - Compliance

Due to the rise in awareness about sports concussions in recent years, a medical specialty society began holding an annual conference dedicated to prevention and treatment. The planning committee included experts in clinical neurology research, athletes who had experienced sports concussions, and… More

Criterion 24: #176610 - Compliance

The provider’s Health Professions Executive Committee (HPEC) conducted a strategic planning process as a committee learning activity to improve the hospital’s leadership approach to addressing system-wide healthcare disparities. The committee was comprised of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief… More