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Criterion 17: #49887 - Compliance

The provider employs guidelines that are adjuncts to activities, screening tools for patient care, and social media, such as Twitter, blogs, and Facebook, for connecting researchers and practitioners.  In addition, case-based decision trees and journal articles are directly incorporated into the… More

Criterion 17: #7115 - Compliance

The provider has used adjunctive strategies such as physician reminders, safety flip charts, order sheets with parameters of care, a pain-scale assessment tool, and progress note templates to enhance the expected results of its CME activities. 

Criterion 17: #7123 - Noncompliance

The provider describes the use of non-physician outreach liaisons that visit 75-100 physicians per year. The liaison visits are primarily to build relationships with referring physicians, maintain referrals, and to describe new services at the medical center.  Rationale: The provider does not… More

Criterion 17: #7124 - Noncompliance

The provider described a single activity in which laminated reminder cards were distributed to physicians as a prompt for best-practice taking of a family history.  Rationale: The provider failed to demonstrate non-educational approaches as an adjunct to any other activities within its CME Program… More