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Engages Patients/Public: #1 - Compliance

In the activity presented, representatives of community organizations that had a focus on nutrition and access to healthy food were an active part of the planning committee, helping to develop and deliver the content of a public health summit focusing on healthy food access and nutrition. In… More

Engages Patients/Public: #2 - Compliance

At its annual meeting, the provider described including a panel of patients that shared their experience of bariatric surgery, behavior and medication, and how they interacted within the integrated healthcare team—all from the perspective of the patient engaged with clinicians in the management of… More

Engages Patients/Public: #3 - Noncompliance

The provider presented examples that included faculty who were patients or public representatives. But, in these examples, it was not clear if patients or public representatives were engaged as planners. 

Engages Patients/Public: #4 - Noncompliance

For several of the examples submitted, the provider did not include both planners and faculty who were patients and/or public representatives.