This page includes videos and resources to help accredited continuing education leaders, clinician educators, and administrators respond to healthcare inequities and social injustices. As an educational community, we have an opportunity to be part of the solution, navigating a path from empathy to understanding to action.

This resource page is part of the Meeting Challenges Together webinar series, created to convene our accredited continuing education community to address important, topical concerns and opportunities for our learners, educational teams, organizations, and the communities we serve. 

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Concrete ways that accredited providers can address EDI include (1) focusing continuing education topics and content on inequity and racism that exacerbate health disparities, (2) reflecting EDI in planners and faculty for continuing education—including patients, families, and other public representatives, and (3) ensuring that EDI variables such as social factors, affordability and access of recommended treatment, and cultural/linguistic competency are considered and addressed in continuing education.

Ethical Expectations of Physicians:

Lessons Injustice: