As an accredited provider, we know that we need to provide accommodations to CME activity participants who request them under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Can you tell us more about the ACCME's expectations with respect to the ADA?

Last Revised: 
November 11, 2011

The ACCME expects that providers will have policies or procedures in place to accommodate learners with disabilities. The ACCME's policy in this regard states, "The provider must operate the business and management policies and procedures of its CME program (as they relate to human resources, financial affairs and legal obligations), so that its obligations and commitments are met."

The ACCME accreditation process does not attempt, or attest, to measuring or determining compliance with or actual performance in practice of a provider�s management policies or procedures. The ACCME suggests that your organization enlist the aid of its corporate counsel in determining policies and procedures for addressing ADA responsibilities to ensure that you meet the spirit and intent of the law.

The ACCME has received a brief explanation from its legal counsel of the ADA requirements as it applies to CME activities, please click here to view it. From the ACCME's discussions with physician learners with disabilities, we have heard that there are some important things you might consider in order to make their participation in your CME activity successful:

1) Set policies and procedures ahead of time so that when faced with a request to accommodate, you are already prepared;

2) Ensure that all staff who will be interacting with learners that may request accommodations are knowledgeable about your policies and procedures and are able to successfully and respectfully manage the request;

3) and Discuss the request for accommodation with the learner so that you understand the disability and can make appropriate accommodations.

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