If the content of a CME activity is not related to the products or services of an ACCME-defined commercial interest, do I still need to obtain information regarding the financial relationships of those that control the content of the CME activity, per Standard 2.1?

Published Date: 
November 25, 2014

No. Standard 2.1 requires the provider to identify relevant financial relationships of those who control the content of a CME activity in order to identify conflicts of interest. Two things must be present for there to be a conflict of interest: financial relationship(s) with an ACCME-defined commercial interest(s) and the ability to control content related to products/services of the commercial interest(s).  If no financial relationships exist, or the content of the CME activity is not related to the products or services of a commercial interest, there are no relevant financial relationships to identify and no conflicts of interest to identify or resolve.

Please note: Providers must determine that there are no potential conflicts of interest, as described above, during the planning process.  You need to have evidence showing that you made the decision to not gather information about financial relationships during the planning process and why you made that decision. You cannot make the determination retroactively.

Also note that Standard 6 (SCS 6) still applies because the learner must be informed that those in control of the content of the activity have no relevant financial relationships.

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