Fulfilling Year-End Reporting Requirements Using PARS

All accredited providers in the ACCME system use the ACCME’s Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) to fulfill the ACCME’s year-end reporting requirements. 

At the conclusion of each Reporting Year, a provider is required to:

  1. Confirm/update all contact information.
  2. Complete entry of activities that took place during the year.
  3. Complete entry of financial data for the year under the program summary.
  4. Complete your attestation.

For ACCME-accredited providers, the deadline for completing your 2020 year-end reporting requirements is March 31, 2021. 

For providers accredited by a state medical society, check with your accreditor for more information regarding year-end reporting deadlines.

Accredited providers that do not meet the year-end reporting requirements by the due date are subject to a change of their accreditation status.

Login to PARS here.

1. Update your Contact Information in PARS.

All users affiliated with your organization in PARS have the ability to edit specific organizational contact information on the Profile tab of the dashboard. The system is designed for self-management. It is a best practice to have individual users update their own information by going to Edit My Profile or via the Profile tab on their dashboard. Please contact info@accme.org if your organization needs assistance with this process.

2. Enter your Activities in PARS.

Each year accredited providers are required to enter data into PARS about their CME activities. PARS offers several methods for activity entry. For a tutorial on using the web form to enter activities, click here. For information on entering activities via batch upload or web services, click here.

Regardless of which method your organization uses to enter activities, you will need to ensure that all activities are “closed.” To check the status of your activities, click on the Activities tab and select the correct year in the Reporting Year field. Click the Open Activities or Closed Activities tab to view activities with the corresponding status. If any activities appear under the Open tab, then these activities are missing required information.

Before moving on to the next section, verify that all activities for the reporting year have been entered and appear in the Closed Activities tab.

3. Complete your Program Summary in PARS.

Accredited providers must also enter data into PARS about their overall CME program. Click on the Program Summary tab to enter this information. The Program Summary includes 4 data fields that the provider is required to manually complete:

  1. Total advertising and exhibit income received in support of your CME Program
  2. Total registration fees received (registration fees received from CME activity participants)
  3. Total government monetary grants received (monetary grants received from federal, state, or local governmental agencies in support of your CME Program)
  4. Total private monetary donations received (monetary donations received from the private sector, including foundations, in support of your CME Program)

Please note that commercial support information must be entered for individual CME activities, and is summarized automatically on the Program Summary page.

For any fields that do not apply to your organization, enter a "0" in the blank fields—you must enter either "0" or an amount in the blank fields in order to save your information.

Once you have verified the information on this page, be sure to click on the "Save Program Summary" button.

4. Complete your Attestation

Finally, providers are required to attest that their data entry for the current Reporting Year is complete and accurate—as an indication to the ACCME that their organization’s data is ready to be reviewed and included in the information that ACCME compiles and publishes about the CME system each year.

After all of your activities for the Reporting Year are completed and Closed, and you have verified that all of the required information on the Program Summary tab is complete and correct, you are ready to attest that your PARS data reporting is complete for this Reporting Year. Scroll to the Attestation section of the Program Summary tab and click the button that says, "I Attest." Please note that you will not be able to edit your activity data or Program Summary once you have attested. This step marks the completion of your Annual Report.