Supporting Local CME

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ACCME President and CEO, Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, discusses how CME providers can support continuing education development at the local level.


>>McMAHON: I'm often asked how a CME provider can use accredited CME to support local continuing professional development, and my answer is by meeting the needs of your learners. You, in the local environment, know your learners the best. You know your environment the best and you know the challenges that your community is facing both internally and externally. And it's your role and your privilege as a CME professional to be able to take that information and construct educational environments, meet the needs of the individual, but also meet the needs of the collaborative. You have the responsibility to understand the strategic challenges being faced by your organization and then, connect that with the individual needs of each learner and community and bring those together in a series of dynamic activities that allow your learners to flourish.