Public Health and CME

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Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, ACCME, discusses opportunities that exist for CME providers to supportĀ public health initiatives.


>>McMAHON: CME is focused on meeting needs and gaps, and a key opportunity to address needs and gaps is to look at what the public health imperatives are for the nation, whether it's genomics, whether it's substance abuse and prevention, whether it's health IT, whether it's well-being of veterans or physicians themselves, or epidemics like Ebola. There are key opportunities for CME providers to provide the support and to be the solution to address so many of these issues. ACCME collaborates with many government organizations to try and identify these needs and disseminate them to the community. We work with organizations like the Center for Disease Control (the CDC), the NIH and their genomics unit and others. With the FDA around issues about opiate use and abuse. And we collaborate with these organizations to set standards and encourage them to use the CME system to address those public health issues. CME is here to help, we're part of the solution. And we're privileged to be able to be an educational arm for our government to help address the public health initiatives that afflict the people that we're privileged to serve.