Promoting Clinician Self-Awareness with CME

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Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, ACCME, discusses promoting clinician self-awareness with CME.


>>McMAHON: If you ask a group of drivers to raise their hands if they think of themselves as above average, you'll almost certainly see the vast majority of hands being raised. Intrinsically, part of the human condition is over-confidence. We tend to have difficulty recognizing our own challenges and our own deficits. It's often impossible or certainly very difficult to surmise what we do not know. And unfortunately, some of us are complacent about our opportunities for growth. Problems with self-awareness and a mismatch with self-confidence, result in meaningful problems in practice. If you think you're more capable than you are, you create errors and that's problematic for patient safety. CME is an important vehicle to address self-awareness, because assessment through conversation, interaction with peers, helps to create the self-awareness that drives engagement in the learning that makes a difference.