Leadership Leveraging Education

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Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, ACCME, discusses leadership leveraging education in CME.


>>McMAHON: Increasingly, educators need to evolve not just from being amazing teachers, but to be able to design assessments, understand data, and then bring data into the way that they construct an educational activity, encircle it in educational technology, and put that all into the context of the pragmatic challenges faced by clinicians every day in practice. Those are hard skills to bring together. Pedagogy, data, technology, pragmatism, and educational leaders really need to help nurture educators to have these skills. Once they do have those skills, in hospitals, health systems, medical centers, leaders can help bring together the educational enterprise for Nursing, Physician Assistants, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Social Work, Physicians, you name it, all across the educational enterprise to leverage resources, leverage the strategic needs of the organization, and bring that together in a collaborative interprofessional learning environment that can really sustain change for the organization.