Importance of Assessment in CME

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“Why is assessment so important in CME?” In this video, Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, ACCME President and CEO, discusses how assessment can make an impact on your continuing medical education program.


>>McMAHON: Why is assessment so important in CME? Physicians have high educational attainment, they're very capable, and they're motivated by achievement and they feel professionally responsible for the care they provide. That's a great rubric on which to build opportunities for engagement. But how do you create that engagement? By helping those clinicians to recognize opportunities for growth, helping them become more self-aware. If you do that through assessment, whether that's through conversation with a peer or an exercise that they have to do, you create three amazing things. Number one, you create curiosity. A clinician who's aware that they have a gap to fill is much more interested in filling that gap. Number two, you create humility; recognition that they have a gap creates the opportunity for learning. And number three, you create engagement, engagement is a life force of productive learning and improvement, and those three things together create the positive momentum for the change that you need in your CME program.