Facilitating Performance Change

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Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, ACCME, discusses supporting learners with CME.


>>McMAHON: One of our key responsibilities as educators is to drive not just improvements in knowledge, but real durable lasting changes in performance. And in order to do that, we really have to build relationships with our learners, to stick with them for the long-term. Relationships mean that we have the opportunity to assess, evaluate, and watch the growth of an individual. It also allows us to interact with that individual repeatedly, to support, nurture their change and help the learner grow. To enable that trust to happen, we really have to help learners identify activities that'll support them, and then create experiences that allow them to engage, be stimulated, be mentored and be supported in the growth and change that they need to affect.

Part of that is then, around measuring individuals, assessing them and doing that in a way that allows them to grow, that's formative, allows them to reflect on their own areas of strength, areas for growth, and build on that to create a highly functioning collaborative, successful and effective health care enterprise.