Evolving CME

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Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, ACCME, discusses how CME has evolved and what CME professionals can do to meet these challenges and take advantage of new opportunities to create the transformation that CME needs.


>>McMAHON: Medicine is ever-changing, and so CME also needs to evolve to meet the needs and expectations of a new generation of physicians. What hasn't changed? Physicians have high educational attainment, they're motivated by achievement, they aim to provide safe and effective care, and they commit to and feel responsible for their own professional development. But many things have changed around them. Increasingly, physicians are finding they're caring for patients who are more complicated and more difficult than ever. There are greater administrative burdens for those same physicians, productivity expectations, and patients have evolved in their expectations of their clinicians as well. In addition, many clinicians are balancing home and family and professional lives in ways that they haven't had to before. We know there's also a need for evolution. There are challenges in quality and diversity and disparities in access to and the quality of care delivered. Many clinicians are, unfortunately, burned out. And there continues to be pervasive challenges with the costs and efficiency of the care provided.

Fortunately, education and CME can help. Learning can be transformative for individual clinicians, groups, and organizations. Learning is personally fulfilling and restores engagement in professional development and professional growth. Learning brings people together in new and important ways that restores and creates relationships that endure and matter. And learning effectively changes and improves performance and the quality of care delivered.

Much has stayed the same that is very valuable to profession, but education and CME needs to evolve to meet these changing expectations and the changing environment in which our clinicians find themselves. We need your help in this evolution. Education needs to change, and that change comes from our CME providers. Look at your educational program and how it can be transformed to meet these challenges and take advantage of the new opportunities that are available to you to create the transformation that CME needs from you and with you.