Criterion 24: Engaging Patients in CME

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Perspectives from patients, advocates, physicians, and educators about how to involve patients in continuing medical education (CME).


>>HICKS: There's a lot of fear about how to involve patients, or just about trying to do anything new or different. And it's better to just try it and do it not perfectly than not to try it all.

>>TOWLE: Work together. I think that's when you start overcoming the stereotypes and the fears on both sides, whether it's the professional or the patient.

>>McMAHON: I think we're also hearing that patients don't need as much training. They're not as skeptical. They're not as suspicious of clinicians and physician educators as some might think. All they need to do is to be asked.

>>BLOTNER: So if the people who are doing the teaching and who are conducting the research assume that they know what the community wants and needs and they're not talking to the people actually in the community, then there's this huge disconnect.

>>GAWUGA: There's value in providers, physicians, knowing their patients' backgrounds and knowing where they come from so they can meet them where they are.

>>HICKS: In general, I think patients will really feel valued if you ask them questions. It's okay that you don't know everything. If you don't know how to do it or what a patient needs, just let them know that.

>>NITSCHE: Bring the patients in, put them on your committees, ask them about the educational offerings, put them on planning committees.

>>GAWUGA: Bring in the patients, say, "What do you think about this material? What would you like to put in there that maybe we haven't thought of?"

>>HICKS: We're all people. It helps if I feel like I'm on a level playing field with my care team.

>>TOWLE: Patient-centered care starts with patient-centered education.

>>CHU: They will be valued. They will be respected for the expertise that they have. 

>>McMAHON: So I think the answer is: this is very possible. It's much more straightforward than you think. You should get started, do one, see how it goes, and I think you'll be very surprised.


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