What CME Means to Me

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Ever wonder who works at the ACCME and why we chose this field? “Meet” a few staff members as we explain why CME is important to us, in this short video!


>>OBREGON: CME to me means that every patient has hope, every patient that has been dealing with the same chronic disease day after day, year after year and everything that physician has tried is not working. That there is research, there are activities going on behind the scenes, people working on new procedures, new technology that when one physician goes to that one activity that one day and goes back to his office and applies it in that patient's case that it's going to alter their life forever, in a positive way.

>>BANKS: In my opinion, the definition of what continued medical education is doctors continuing to study, to investigate, to research, and explore and find out ways that we can live a better quality of life, that we don't have to fall off the planet at the age of 50 because we're diabetic and something happened. But continuing medical education is to help us have a better quality of life.

>>KENNEDY: At its root CME is based on pretty close personal interactions between learners and educators. It's somebody who knows how to do something, telling another doctor, "You know what, this is a great practice, this is how you do it, and we can do it better."

>>LATHAM: They want to continuously grow and learn, and that helps their patients in a really concrete way.

>>BALDWIN: What I think is really at the heart of it is caring and giving. I think that's been part of what has kept me in this business for so long, is that I think we're all contributing to that end product to have people, no matter what their circumstances are, and people we love and work with or touch us directly or not so directly, get good healthcare. So, that's what CME means to me.