Learn Well: New ACCME Logo Celebrates Accredited Continuing Medical Education

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ACCME staff on how the new visual identity expresses the forward trajectory of the CME community.

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>>McMAHON: CME is transforming to better meet the needs of clinicians and teams where they live, where they work, where they learn. We aim to support, motivate, and inspire our community of educators to achieve their full potential.

>>REGNIER: That represents the optimism and the opportunity that education brings.

>>RICHETTI: We are changing the meaning of CME.

>>McMAHON: Our brand should reflect this transformation. The tagline captures the value of learning.

>>McCAULEY: Nurturing the community.

>>HARRISON: A safe place to learn.

>>SINGER: A path forward.

>>McMAHON: And it captures the role of that learning in promoting wellness. Our new brand celebrates the work our accredited providers are doing every day to make a difference. When you see this mark, you'll know that the education you're engaging with is relevant to your needs.

>>SINGER: Evidence-based.

>>RICHETTI: Effective.

>>OBREGON: Independent of commercial interests.

>>BALDWIN: We can expect excellent care.

>>McMAHON: As a physician and as CEO here at ACCME, I am optimistic and excited about our future. Like you, we are on a lifelong journey of learning and growth.

>>REGNIER: To all of us in the CME community.

>>SINGER: Learn well.

>>LATHAM: Learn well.

>>BALDWIN: Learn well.

>>HARRISON: Learn well.

>>McCARRON: Learn well.

>>RICHETTI: Learn well.

>>McMAHON: Learn how to be well. To support yourself and your colleagues' well-being. We are here to make a difference, and we look forward to partnering in that difference with you.