ACCME Awards Research Grant to Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education

SACME to Create Comprehensive Review and Toolkits to Promote Best Practices in Educational Design

The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®) is pleased to announce that the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) has been awarded an ACCME research grant after a competitive process. SACME anticipates using these funds to create educational tools and implementation strategies aimed at fostering best practices and innovations in continuing education for healthcare professionals.

The SACME project aims to promote a culture of scholarship and innovation with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes. With this grant, SACME will:

  • Complete a comprehensive review to identify educational interventions that incorporate best practices in pragmatic educational design.
  • Develop educational toolkits to facilitate the use of these methods in continuing education.
  • Work with ACCME to disseminate the toolkits to the continuing education community.
  • Evaluate the efficacy and impact of the toolkits.

The toolkits will adopt a learner-centered approach and integrate the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Designed to include strategies that will be relevant and practical for all provider types, the toolkits will help educators build a healthcare workforce that has the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to optimize healthcare delivery.

The ACCME is awarding the grant in fulfillment of its strategic goal to advocate for research and scholarship in continuing education. The ACCME has embraced research by including it as a component in its commendation criteria, and in addition, seeks to encourage accredited providers to engage in practices that enhance the effectiveness of continuing education and result in measurable improvements in clinician practice and patient care.

“We are delighted to be working together with ACCME on this critical initiative for our communities. The vision of SACME is to advance the field of continuing education in the best interest of patients and communities. This grant provides another outstanding opportunity for SACME to realize its vision and support the continuing education community in providing the best education utilizing evidence-based practices in CPD instructional design in a practical and pragmatic way. We will focus on providing flexible approaches to meet the diverse needs of our community in an accessible and equitable way. It is an honor for SACME to collaborate with ACCME to advance the quality of continuing education for our diverse communities” —Betsy Williams, PhD, MPH, President, SACME 

“We are pleased to award our colleagues at SACME this research grant and look forward to seeing our shared vision for supporting the community with tools and services that elevate our educational practices brought to fruition. With these toolkits, we will equip our continuing education community with evidence-based strategies that empower them to create innovative education that drives improvements in clinician practice. Our shared goal is to leverage the power of continuing education to optimize care for patients and communities—and this project will utilize SACME's unique capabilities and expertise to further that endeavor." —Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, ACCME