Program and Activity Reporting System Update

We are pleased to announce that we’ve made enhancements to the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS). We’ve implemented these enhancements in response to requests from accredited providers, Recognized Accreditors, and the volunteers who support the accreditation process.  

All providers in the ACCME System were sent an email yesterday describing what the enhancements mean for you. If you did not receive our email, please contact  

Here is a quick overview:  

Reset your password: You can go to as usual, where you will be taken to a new login screen. When you login for the first time, you’ll need to reset your password by clicking on “Can’t login or forgot your password?” in the login screen. Please note that the first time you access PARS, there is a short delay while the application is loading. After the first time, it loads much more quickly.

Simpler, single login: Once you have your new password, the login process will be simpler as you no longer need to enter your organization ID. In addition, if you are a contact for more than one CME provider, you will be able to access information about each provider through a single login. Please note that the first time you access PARS, there is a short delay while the application is loading. After the first time, it loads much more quickly.

Same functionality: The interface may look different, but PARS has the same features as before. You can edit your contact information, and enter and upload your program and activity files and data, just as you have been doing. There are no changes to the web-fill forms or batch upload processes, or to the processes for submitting information about CME that Counts for MOC or REMS-compliant CE activities. You do not need to resubmit or re-upload any information.  

ACCME-accredited providers: Your accreditation process is now online! Beginning with those ACCME-accredited providers receiving accreditation decisions in November 2018, you will no longer need to submit materials via email, flash drives, or hard copies. You’ll also be able to see your accreditation history in PARS. We will provide detailed instructions to providers as part of their reaccreditation instructions.  

State-accredited providers: You will continue to use PARS as you have been and will not use PARS to engage in the online accreditation process. 

Jointly accredited providers: The enhancements to PARS include an interface for you. You can now report activities through one system, Joint Accreditation PARS (JA-PARS). Beginning with activities for the 2018 reporting year, you can use JA-PARS to report information about all your activities, including activities for teams, physicians, nurses, and/or pharmacists.


The following resources provide tips and information to support your use of the PARS enhancements. Please review the resources that are relevant for you:  

For the best user experience, we recommend using Chrome as your web browser. 


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