Maintaining Quality and Safety Standards Amid COVID 19: Guidance and Resources from the Coalition for Physician Accountability

The Coalition for Physician Accountability has released guidance and resources to support healthcare administrators who are responsible for the deployment of physicians, physicians in training (interns, residents and fellows), and retired or inactive physicians, to ensure the safe delivery of quality clinical care during this unprecedented emergency.

The pandemic has created a public health emergency that is rapidly altering the provision of healthcare services across the country. Physicians and other clinicians have responded with offers to provide care outside of their previously licensed jurisdiction and beyond their typical scope of practice.

The Coalition guidance and resources include training, education, and support; planning; verification; provision of care; protection; and maintenance of safety standards.

Download the guidance and resources.

The Coalition’s members include the national organizations responsible for the accreditation, assessment, licensure, and certification of physicians throughout their medical career from medical school to practice, in addition to members of the public and the profession. The ACCME is a member of the Coalition.