AMA/ACCME Alignment: Providers Can Now Enter Activities as “Other” in PARS

AMA Alignment

As part of our collaborative efforts with the American Medical Association (AMA) to simplify and align expectations, we’ve modified the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS), enabling providers to choose “other” as the activity format for blended, new, or other approaches that do not fall into one of the established format categories. Providers also need to identify these activities as “other” in the AMA credit designation statement, as well as include a brief description of the learning format in PARS, in the credit designation statement, and in documentation given to learners (certificates, transcripts, etc.).

We are using the label “other” because we do not want to imply any restrictions on this category and to encourage providers to develop new, creative, and blended educational approaches that abide by AMA and ACCME requirements. As providers design and describe innovative approaches to education, we expect to identify a descriptor that better represents the evolution of CME.

For more information about the AMA/ACCME alignment and links to resources, including FAQ, the AMA PRA booklet, and a shared glossary, please visit the AMA/ACCME Alignment webpage.