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What activity data are providers required to enter into PARS?

The following fields are required to establish, or “open” an activity in PARS: 

  1. Activity type 
  2. Activity title
  3. Activity date
  4. Activity location (Courses and RSS only)
  5. Reporting year

The following fields are required to complete, or close,” an activity in PARS.

  1. Providership (Direct or Joint)
  2. Hours of instruction
  3. Designed to change (Competence, Performance or Patient Outcomes)?
  4. Changes in (Competence, Performance or Patient Outcomes) evaluated?
  5. Number of physicians (including residents) who participated in the activity
  6. Number of other learners who participated in the activity
  7. Commercial support received? (Y/N)
    • If Yes, Total Monetary Amount of Commercial Support Received and/or Nature of In-Kind Commercial Support Received
  8. Competencies addressed
  9. Name(s) of joint providers (jointly provided activities only)
  10. Name(s) of commercial supporter(s) and monetary amount/nature of in-kind support received from each supporter.
  11. AMA-PRA Category 1 Credits Designated
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