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What activity data are providers required to enter into PARS?

There are four activity statuses: Draft, Active, Ready to Close, and Closed. Below is a description of the data fields required for each activity status:


  • Title  

  • Format  

  • Start date  

  • End date 


  • Delivery method (if applies)  

  • Location (if applies)  

  • City, State, Country (if in person)  

  • AMA PRA Category 1™ amount  

  • CME Finder Yes/No selection  

  • If CME Finder = Yes  

    • Fee   

    • Registration  

    • Activity URL  

  • Activity Description  

  • Providership (Direct/Joint)  

  • End date not in the past  


  • Same fields as Active  

  • End date in the past


  • Everything required for Ready to Close  

  • If Joint Providership, at least 1 joint provider name  

  • At least 1 Outcome Measure  

  • Commercial Support Yes/No  

  • If Commercial Support = Yes, at least 1 support source, and for each source:  

    • Monetary or In-Kind selection 

    • If Monetary, support amount  

  • Total Physician Learner count (can enter a “0” if no learners in this category)  

  • Total Other Learner count (can enter a “0” if no learners in this category)  

  • If activity was registered for MOC/CC, at least one board selected, attestation complete, and for each board:  

    • At least one practice area  

    • At least one credit type  

    • MOC credit amount  

    • Content area (if applicable)  

    • Internal ID (if applicable)  

    • Fee  

    • Registration  

    • Activity URL  

    • MOC credit claim date

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