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How is a test-item writing activity defined?

Test-item writing is an activity wherein physicians learn through their contribution to the development (and review) of examinations, or certain peer-reviewed self-assessment activities, by researching, drafting, and defending potential test-items. 

For example, a provider planned an activity in which 5 physicians wrote test-items for an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) member board certification examination question pool. Each physician completed the test-item writing activity in approximately 10 hours. In PARS, the provider would report this as a test-item writing activity with 5 Physician Learners and 10 credits.

Each test-item writing activity should be reported for a maximum of a 12-month period. If this activity is available for longer than 12 months, it should be reported as a separate activity each year in which it is available.

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