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If you are creating both live and enduring materials, then you would need to report those as two activities. Or, you could report the webinar as an "other" activity format in PARS and indicate it was a blended activity.  

Yes. While ACCME requires that accredited enduring materials are reviewed at a minimum of every three years, a shorter time frame is reasonable given the changing nature of the virus and treatment options. 

Yes. We created the Planning Form for Expedited Accredited Activities to simplify activity planning for spontaneous, immediate activities addressing this health emergency. This approach would be appropriate for enduring materials that are planned and implemented during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Regularly scheduled series are most often used by hospitals and health systems for repeated educational sessions that are conducted by and for the staff. Depending on your organization’s provider type, you might consider this multi-day activity as an RSS or a webinar series (Internet live or Internet enduring). 

Do the best you can under the circumstances. If the review or expiration exceeds three years, make a note on the file. 

Yes. You can plan hybrid, or blended, educational activities and report them in PARS as “Other.” 

To understand more about privacy practices for webinar service providers, we would suggest you contact them directly. WebEx and Zoom both provide dedicated webpages about healthcare privacy.