ACCME Newcomers’ Introduction to Accredited Continuing Medical Education

ACCME Newcomers’ Introduction to Accredited Continuing Medical Education Curriculum

New to continuing medical education (CME) or need a refresher?

The Newcomers’ Introduction to Accredited Continuing Medical Education self-directed curriculum consists of three, one-hour online multimedia modules that learners complete on ACCME Academy, ACCME’s online learning portal. The courses include:

  • Introduction to the History and Role of Accredited Continuing Medical Education: Learn about the concepts and terminology of accredited CME, and the value of accredited CME for your organization, healthcare professional learners, patients, and communities.
  • Planning Activities with the Accreditation Requirements: This experiential module will guide you through the process of planning educational activities utilizing adult learning principles and show you how to align the planning process with the accreditation requirements.
  • Introduction to Accreditation Requirements: Building on the experiential planning process in Module 2, this module will introduce you to the improvement science and adult learning methodologies that form the foundation of the accreditation requirements.

After completing the Newcomers’ curriculum, you will have a working knowledge of the concepts, principles, and processes used by accredited CME programs. The curriculum is a good foundational step to develop expertise to manage accredited CME at your organization. Those who complete the Newcomers curriculum may continue their professional development by attending the ACCME Accreditation Workshop: Virtual Edition and the ACCME Meeting.

Who should enroll?

CME professionals and stakeholders who are new to accredited CME will find the Newcomers’ Introduction to Accredited Continuing Medical Education to be an invaluable orientation to accredited CME and the system it supports.

Not accredited yet? The Newcomers’ curriculum is a great way to learn more about how to get started implementing educational practices that will help your organization attain accreditation; but first, see if you are eligible for accreditation by visiting our information for first time applicants.

How much does it cost?

Registration for the Newcomers’ course will be $150 per person. 

ACCME accepts the use of a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express in order to complete your registration. If your organization does not have access to a credit card for this purpose, please email us at to coordinate your registration and payment via check.

How do I enroll?

Registration for the ACCME Newcomers’ curriculum will be available in the ACCME Academy, the ACCME’s online learning portal in September 2020. You can access the ACCME Academy at

Participants with Special Needs

The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education fully intends to comply with the legal requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If any participant of the ACCME Accreditation Workshop is in need of accommodation, please provide this information on the appropriate space in the online registration form.


If you have questions about the Newcomers' Curriculum, please contact us at