Improves Patient/Community Health: #1

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The provider collaborates with a local children's hospital to use the healthcare improvement methodologies, including didactic teaching and real time applications, to positively impact and foster quality improvement and improved performance in many different departments. Examples include: decreasing the use of inappropriate antibiotics to treat children with C. difficile from 47% to 0%; use of NICU pain assessment from 75 to 91%; compliance of the venous thromboembolism prevention bundle in the ICU from 29 to 82%. In a second example, the provider used sequential learning activities, regularly scheduled series, and ongoing community collaborations to address the high opioid overdose rate within its community, the highest in its state. Within a one-year time frame, the provider has shown substantial improvements with a 73% reduction in emergency department overdose visits, a 68% reduction in EMS overdoses runs and a 65% decrease in overdose deaths.