Criterion 38: #176582


A provider collaborates with the local health department to develop an annual Pediatric Environmental Health Symposium for physicians and a related Community Health Fair for the public. The health department has identified that children in the provider’s service area had blood lead levels that are among the highest in the state. Working together, the provider and the health department planned a series of educational activities to improve (1) community awareness of lead exposure risks, (2) pediatricians' ability to teach lead prevention strategies, and symptom recognition and treatment strategies, and (3) to help obstetricians better recognize patients at risk for lead exposure during pregnancy. The educational sessions for healthcare providers were followed up by a community health fair where physician participants (who completed the CME activities) educated parents, teachers, and foster caregivers on prevention of lead exposure, how to recognize the symptoms of lead poisoning, and how to get help. In the year following the CME initiative and community event, the health department reported a drop in the average blood lead levels for children in the community.