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Criterion 35: #176739 - Compliance

The provider expanded its ability to meet its learners’ needs by developing a better relationship with the learner community. The provider asked clinicians to write a reflective statement about what they learned at the end of each activity , and each month, clinicians were asked to indicate one… More

Criterion 35: #176741 - Compliance

The provider sought to increase clinician participation in the CME unit. The provider launched a multi-faceted endeavor that included creating a community of educators that met together to support and learn from each other, a mentoring partnership between experienced and more junior educators, and… More

Criterion 35: #176742 - Compliance

A provider that had not previously offered accredited education in collaboration with the simulation unit launched an interprofessional simulation-based resuscitation education series. This innovation has allowed the provider to more effectively meet its CME mission by supporting individual… More