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Criterion 28: #1 - Compliance

The provider presented a collaboration with the institution's School of Law and Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities to address racial disparities in health care as the focus of the annual medicolegal symposium; a collaboration with the addiction professional society, a state medical… More

Criterion 28: #2 - Compliance

The provider collaborated with a state-wide health initiative on a series of pharmacology activities to address issues with sepsis statewide. In a second example, the provider worked with a state-based Physician Assistant (PA) Program Directors committee on an initiative to increase the national… More

Criterion 28: #3 - Compliance

The provider collaborated with a state medical association and consulted with a national medical society regarding content and trends for women's health. Utilizing state-wide initiatives and clinical guidelines developed by the collaborators, the provider aimed to reach obstetricians with a case… More

Criterion 28: #4 - Compliance

The provider collaborated with a European professional society to develop procedural sedation education for health care professionals via webinar with participants from around the world. The activity addressed challenges, appropriate cases, and rescue measures. Through this collaboration, the… More

Criterion 28: #5 - Noncompliance

Several of the examples provided do not meet the critical elements of this criterion. In these examples, the provider describes collaborations with a national medical organization's alumni association, its local chapter, and others. However, it was not clear in these examples which specific… More

Criterion 28: #6 - Noncompliance

One of the examples provided described a collaboration with a stroke network that was limited to its making space available for the educational activity. This, in itself, would not demonstrate that the collaboration augmented the provider’s ability to address population health issues.

Criterion 28: #7 - Noncompliance

In two examples, the provider described a collaboration with another accredited provider for the purpose of reaching a larger number of learners. The provider did not in these two examples, demonstrate that the collaboration augmented the provider's ability to address population issues.