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Criterion 21: #49871 - Compliance

Four of the provider’s board members sit on the quality improvement committees at their respective organizations. These members are instrumental in communicating quality data, identifying professional practice gaps and providing expertise needed for planning CME activities. For example, one Board… More

Criterion 21: #49900 - Compliance

The provider includes CME as part of its quality improvement mission for its academic health center. Key staff from the CME office are members of the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Committees. A member of the Patient Safety Unit is a member of the CME Advisory Group. Through these… More

Criterion 21: #49901 - Compliance

The focus of the provider’s CME program is a national initiative which offers hospital departments a system-based solution to improve patient safety and reduce medical errors and malpractice risk. The provider partners with the quality improvement efforts of its client organizations to develop CME… More

Criterion 21: #7161 - Noncompliance

While mechanisms are in place for enhancing the quality of services and operations within the accredited provider, these mechanisms did not demonstrate that the provider participates within an institutional or system framework for health care related quality improvement efforts.  Rationale:… More

Criterion 21: #7162 - Noncompliance

The provider described satellite broadcasts into hospitals and cancer center networks and a local CME speaker program series.   Rationale: The provider did not demonstrate that it participates within an institutional or system framework for quality improvement.