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Engages in Research/Scholarship: #1 - Compliance

Two members of the provider’s CME Committee joined other expert educators in writing a book that advances scholarship and innovation in continuing education. In another example,  the provider's CME leadership published a report that characterizes the type and frequency of the medical ethics… More

Engages in Research/Scholarship: #2 - Compliance

The provider described an article it has had published on the impact of case-based CME on improved competence in COPD care, and another article on designing grand rounds lectures to improve performance in the treatment of patients with diabetes. Both articles were published in peer-reviewed… More

Engages in Research/Scholarship: #3 - Compliance

In one example, the provider published a conceptual framework for planning and assessing learning in continuing education activities designed for clinicians in one profession and/or clinical teams. In another example, the provider published a study of an international needs analysis in orthopedic… More

Engages in Research/Scholarship: #4 - Compliance

The provider presented a study of the utilization of its online educational activities by interprofessional rheumatology audiences as an abstract at an annual meeting and also published its findings in the provider's peer-reviewed journal. In another example, the provider studied the impact of a… More

Engages in Research/Scholarship: #5 - Compliance

The provider submitted an analysis the degree to which the education delivered at its annual meeting met participants' educational needs. The study was informed by learner feedback received during its meeting, and identified areas to improve the educational value of future meetings. The study was… More

Engages in Research/Scholarship: #6 - Noncompliance

The provider presented two research projects, one on violence reduction that was presented as a poster at two conferences and published in a peer-reviewed medical journal; and, the other, on nicotine replacement therapy that was presented at a conference. Neither example, however, demonstrated how… More