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Utilizes Support Strategies: #1 - Compliance

As an adjunct to an activity on improving care for men with prostate cancer, the provider developed a resource guide for those navigating prostate cancer care plans within a metropolitan area. The effectiveness was measured by counting the number of downloads of the document within 3 months of the… More

Utilizes Support Strategies: #2 - Compliance

The provider presented strategies that included publishing poster-sized diagnostic algorithms related to the management of ocular surface diseases;  implementation of an online portal with educational materials which the provider keeps updated; the creation of a popular online discussion forum for… More

Utilizes Support Strategies: #3 - Noncompliance

The provider describes a statement of qualifications and characterstics of potential faculty candidates which it makes available to clients. In another example, the provider describes efforts to invite new client leaders and decision-makers to participate in its workshops. In both of these examples… More

Utilizes Support Strategies: #4 - Noncompliance

The provider described a mobile phone app that contains course content and asks learners to rate sessions as well as e-mail communications that announce the availability of course content and ask learners to take a post-activity assessment. The provider did not demonstrate that these examples were… More