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Optimizes Technical/Procedural Skills: #1 - Compliance

Live courses combined didactic learning with preceptor-based in-person skills practice and testing. During one session on the obstetrical crisis of managing shoulder dystocia, learners used electronic models that provided feedback both electronically and from preceptors (who used a debriefing model… More

Optimizes Technical/Procedural Skills: #2 - Compliance

During its annual meeting, the provider held an ultrasound hands-on simulation workshop. Learners were observed and provided with an individualized assessment from instructors using a global rating scale based on preparation, ergonomics, equipment handling, time required to identify relevant… More

Optimizes Technical/Procedural Skills: #3 - Noncompliance

The provider presented internet enduring material activities that included an evaluation comprised of multiple-choice questions related to procedure situations where learners are asked to recognize correct and incorrect responses and receive immediate grading. However, the process did not include… More

Optimizes Technical/Procedural Skills: #4 - Noncompliance

The activity combined a demonstration of procedural skills via a video recording followed by a hands-on skills workshop in a live activity setting. However, the provider did not demonstrate that it evaluated observed technical or procedural skills or provide formative feedback to the learners.

Optimizes Technical/Procedural Skills: #5 - Noncompliance

In one example on proper prescribing, learners listened to lectures and had an opportunity to practice prescribing. It was not clear in this example that technical or procedural skills were observed, nor was it clear that formative feedback was provided to learners. Another activity included… More

Optimizes Technical/Procedural Skills: #6 - Compliance

One activity provided hands-on exercises demonstrating technical skills using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) to enable health information exchange between electronic health record systems. Faculty observed and gave feedback to learners during the session.