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Addresses Population Health: #1 - Compliance

In one example, the provider designed and presented a rural health conference that focused on strengthening rural communities through economic development and community health initiatives. In another example, in conjunction with a suicide prevention initiative, the provider designed and presented… More

Addresses Population Health: #2 - Compliance

Activities addressed enhancing communication with patients and caregivers, suicide prevention and assessment, building stronger patient relationships, and special populations of female athletes. Other examples included regularly scheduled series that addressed ethical issues and the ethical/moral… More

Addresses Population Health: #3 - Compliance

One example included a presentation on the Social Determinants of Health through a collaboration with criminal justice experts and undeserved communities. During the activity, participants discussed the social issues surrounding impoverished communities without basic services and identifying… More

Addresses Population Health: #4 - Noncompliance

The provider did not demonstrate in all examples submitted that it teaches strategies that learners can use to achieve improvements in population health. The provider described activities that focused on the clinical care of individual patients and did not discuss strategies beyond clinical care to… More