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Analyzes Change: #1 - Noncompliance

The provider evaluates learner satisfaction with the speakers and activities.   Rationale: The provider is not able to evaluate changes in learner’ competence, performance, or patient outcomes by simply asking if they were satisfied with the activity. 

Analyzes Change: #2 - Noncompliance

While the provider evaluates its individual activities for changes in learners’ competence or performance, the provider does not use these or any other change data in an overall analysis of the changes (learner competence, performance, or patient outcomes) that resulted from the provider’s program… More

Analyzes Change: #3 - Compliance

The provider collects data about the change in learners’ competence by using audience response from case studies and skills workshops. The provider uses these data to draw conclusions about its CME program’s impact on changing learners’ competence.  

Analyzes Change: #4 - Compliance

The provider evaluates its activities via a variety of methods including changes in medical malpractice claims data, data on intent to change by the participants, post-activity surveys, and onsite reviews where changes in practice are demonstrated. The provider performs an analysis based on a… More