Criterion 30

The provider designs CME to optimize technical and procedural skills of learners.


Rationale: Technical and procedural skills are essential to many aspects of professional practice, and need to be learned, updated, reinforced, and reassessed. Some examples of these skills are operative skill, device use, procedures, physical examination, specimen preparation, resuscitation, and critical incident management. This criterion recognizes providers that offer CME to help learners gain, retain, or improve technical and/or procedural skills.

Critical Elements:

  • Provides CME addressing technical and or/procedural skills AND
  • Includes an evaluation of observed (e.g., in person or video) technical or procedural skill AND
  • Provides formative feedback to the learner about technical or procedural skill

The Standard:

  • At review, submit evidence for this many activities:*
    • S: 2; M: 4; L: 6; XL: 8
    • *Program Size by Activities per Term: S (small): <39; M (medium): 40 -100; L (large): 101-250; XL (extra large): >250