Clinicians should be able to trust that accredited CME activities are evidence-based and balanced. As described in the CME Clinical Content Validation Policy, accredited CME providers are responsible for validating clinical content to ensure that education supports safe, effective patient care. This responsibility belongs to the accredited CME provider — whether the activity is directly provided or jointly provided.

On this page you will find resources to support clinical content validation.

Dealing with Controversial Topics in Your CME Program: Strategies that can be utilized to facilitate discussion about controversial topics without promoting unscientific care recommendations in accredited CME activities

Managing CME about Medical Marijuana: Rules, Risks, and Strategies: Key points to consider if you plan to construct CME activities about controversial topics such as the use of medical marijuana, and a list of resources

CME Clinical Content Validation Policy: The ACCME Clinical Content Validation policy is designed to ensure that patient care recommendations made during CME activities are accurate, reliable, and based on scientific evidence. 

ACCME Policy Regarding Inquiries and Allegations of Noncompliance: Queries or complaints about content validity will be evaluated by qualified expert reviewers, our staff, and when necessary, committees of the ACCME. For more information about our process for handling complaints regarding ACCME-accredited providers, please see the Submit a Complaint page.