Fulfilling Year-End Reporting Requirements Using PARS

All accredited providers in the ACCME system use the ACCME’s Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) to fulfill the ACCME’s year-end reporting requirements. Providers accredited by their ACCME Recognized State Medical Society should check with their accreditor for information or questions related to PARS. This tutorial page is designed to walk you — as an accredited provider — through the process for using PARS to enter and submit your information to the ACCME. We will also provide practical tips for using PARS.

Reset Your PARS Password 
We've made enhancements to the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS).To access PARS, go to pars.accme.org as usual, where you will be taken to a new login screen. When you login for the first time, you’ll need to reset your password by clicking on “Can’t login or forgot your password?” in the login screen. Please note that the first time you access PARS, there is a delay while the application is loading. After the first time, it loads much more quickly.


Step 1: Understand What Data Providers Need to Submit at the End of Each Reporting Year

At the conclusion of each Reporting Year, a provider is required to submit information about their activities that took place during the year as well as financial data about their overall CME Program.

Step 2: Know the Deadline for Submitting Year-End Activity and Program Information

The deadline for submitting your organization's 2018 year-end data to the ACCME is April 1, 2019. You will be notified by your accreditor when it is time for your organization to submit your year-end data.

Step 3: Submit Your Information to the ACCME

As mentioned in Step 1, each year accredited providers are required to enter data into PARS about both their CME activities and their overall CME program. There are two parts to this step of submitting your information to the ACCME:


First, click on the Activities tab. Make sure that the correct year is displayed in the Reporting Year field. Once you have verified that you are reviewing the correct Reporting Year, you should ensure that you have entered or uploaded all of the activities for the reporting year and that all of the activities entered for that year appear under the Closed tab. If there are activities that appear under the Open tab for that Reporting Year, then you have not entered all required fields for those activities.

See the "What data are providers required to enter into PARS?" FAQ for more information about reporting requirements.


Next, click on the Program Summary tab. The Program Summary includes 4 data fields that the provider is required to manually complete:

  1. Total advertising and exhibit income received in support of your CME Program
  2. Total registration fees received (registration fees received from CME activity participants)
  3. Total government monetary grants received (monetary grants received from federal, state, or local governmental agencies in support of your CME Program)
  4. Total private monetary donations received (monetary donations received from the private sector, including foundations, in support of your CME Program)

Please note that commercial support information must be entered for individual CME activities, and is summarized automatically on the Program Summary page.

For any fields that do not apply to your organization, enter a "0" in the blank fields—you must enter either "0" or an amount in the blank fields in order to save your information.

Once you have verified the information on this page, click on the "Save Program Summary" button.

Step 4: Attest that Your Data is Complete and Ready for ACCME Review

Finally, providers are required to attest that their data entry for the current Reporting Year is complete—as an indication to the ACCME that their organization’s data is ready to be reviewed and included in the information that ACCME compiles and publishes about the CME system each year.

After all of your activities for the Reporting Year are completed and Closed, and you have verified that all of the required information on the Program Summary tab is complete and correct, you are ready to attest that your PARS data reporting is complete for this Reporting Year. Scroll to the Attestation section of the Program Summary tab and click the button that says, "I Attest."