Published on:
Monday, November 21, 2011

Supporting International CME Accreditation Initiatives

The ACCME has a long-standing commitment to supporting the development and implementation of CME systems and accreditation equivalency...

Published on:
Saturday, April 1, 2006

2006_04_Furthering Globalization Reciprocity and the Substantial Equivalency of Systems of Accreditation and Credit in CME and CPD

Last Revised:
August 7, 2014

Yes.  Non-US based organizations are encouraged to apply for accreditation. The ACCME does require that all organizations located or incorporated outside...

One of the ACCME's strategic imperatives is to enhance its outreach and collaborative roles within the national and global CME community.

Throughout the years, the ACCME has supported...

Accreditation Open to Non-US Continuing Medical Education Providers

The ACCME has removed language from a 1981 policy that restricted accreditation to organizations located in...