The ACCME and Board of Medical Examiners in Tennessee are collaborating to launch a voluntary, year-long pilot program that will enable CME providers to report physician participation in CME directly to the Board.

Download the pilot program guide here.


The ACCME and the Board are engaging in this collaboration because they share the goal of reducing regulatory burdens on physician learners. This will simplify the process for physicians, who will not have to report their participation themselves because their continuing medical education (CME) transcripts will be conveniently and securely shared directly between the accredited educational provider and the Board. 

If the pilot is successful, the ACCME's goal is to explore similar collaborations with other state boards.

Participating CME Providers

A select group of accredited CME providers have volunteered to participate in the pilot. Their feedback and experience will inform our efforts going forward. These providers include:

American Medical Association
Center for Research and Education, The
East Tennessee Children's Hospital
MedScape, LLC
Meharry Medical College
Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University
Saint Thomas Health
Southern Medical Association
Tennessee Medical Association
University of Tennessee College of Medicine
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Western Regional Medical Center


When a physician attends an accredited CME activity from one of the participating CME providers, they may be asked to provide their name, national provider identifier (NPI) or TN license number, and the day and month of their birth. The provider will upload this data into the system they already use to report activities, ACCME's Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS). This information will then be shared proactively with the Board.

If they wish, physicians may choose not to use this system and to retain their own CME records, just as they do now.

Technical Resources

Tab-Delimited Submission Learner Template for Pilot: This excel template contains the data fields necessary for providers to upload learner data for the licensing pilot program into PARS.

Tab-Delimited Submission Learner Template Instructions for Pilot: This document contains instructions to providers on how to upload learner data for the licensing pilot program into PARS.

XML Learner Submission Technical Files for Pilot: A zip file containing sample XML files to be used for submitting learner completion data for the licensing pilot.

Licensing Pilot Learner XML Specifications: A document describing the XML file format to be used for submitting learner completion data for the licensing pilot.


Physicians should refer questions about this pilot program to their participating accredited educational provider. Contact information is available here.