Criterion 3

The provider generates activities/educational interventions that are designed to change competence, performance, or patient outcomes as described in its mission statement.

ACCME Note: 

This criterion is the implementation of Criterion 2 in the provider's overall program of CME. In the planning of its program of CME activities, the provider must attempt to change physicians' competence, performance, or patient outcomes, based on what was identified as needs (that underlie a professional practice gap). The ACCME's expectation is that the education will be designed to change learners' strategies (competence), or what learners actually do in practice (performance), or the impact on the patient or on healthcare (patient outcomes). The ACCME affirms that 'knowledge' is acceptable content for accredited CME. With respect to Criteria 3 and 11, even if the preponderance of a provider's activities is focused solely on changing knowledge, the provider must still show how these activities contribute to the overall program's efforts to change learners' competence, or performance or patient outcomes.