Tools to Support Implementation of the ACCME’s Updated Standards for Commercial Support

Chicago, IL
January 27, 2005

The following is the orginial ACCME News Release as issued on 1/27/2005.  Where possible, we have preserved links to tools that still exist at

The ACCME is pleased to provide to the CME community a set of tools to help our system implement the ACCME’s Updated Standards for Commercial Support. Since September 2004, the ACCME has received feedback from CME providers regarding the need for information to help organizations understand new expectations, materials to provide education for CME staff and volunteers, and documents to support the implementation of the Updated Standards for Commercial Support. The ACCME is hopeful that these tools will meet the CME community’s articulated needs.

This “toolkit” contains the following documents and materials:

Self-assessment tools
Education tools
  • What’s New in ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support?
    (no longer available)
  • PowerPoint presentation: “ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support” 
    (no longer available)
  • PowerPoint presentation: “Managing Conflicts of Interest” (updated 6/20/2005)
  • Using Research, Professional Opinions, and Organizational Practices to Help Validate ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support: A Teaching Tool 
    (no longer available)
Implementation Tools
Complete Toolkit
  • ACCME’s Tools in Support of Implementation of the Updated SCS
    (no longer available)

The ACCME welcomes your suggestions for additional needed materials. As always, the ACCME appreciates your commitment to quality continuing medical education for physicians.


Note: The ACCME is offering these implementation tools not as finite interpretations of its policies, but as examples that providers have requested to give them ideas and foundations with which work can begin. Organizations should feel free to adapt these tools to their specific CME programs. Providers are not required or expected to use these resources.

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