Senate Finance Committee Issues Report

Chicago, IL
April 25, 2007

The Senate Finance Committee issued its report today on the "Use of Educational Grants by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers."  The ACCME had been asked to provide information and data for the Senate Finance Committee’s review of this issue. 

The ACCME appreciated the opportunity to share information with the Senate Finance Committee regarding its requirements and processes in support of independence of continuing medical education (CME).  As we indicated in our January 2007 reply to the Senate Finance Committee, the ACCME presented information that described the ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities, the processes of accreditation and monitoring, and the data that demonstrates that the majority of accredited providers are in compliance with these Standards.

The ACCME understands the importance of the observations offered by the Senate Finance Committee, and we look forward to reviewing any additional input they and others might have for improving our processes.  The ACCME is committed to working with its accreditor colleagues, accredited providers, and others to strengthen the quality and independence of CME for physicians.

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