CME as a Bridge to Quality: The ACCME Announces Updated Accreditation Criteria

Chicago, IL
September 5, 2006

There has been widespread interest in assuring that CME accredited within the ACCME system continues to contribute to patient safety and practice improvement, as well as continuing to be based on valid content and independent of commercial interests.

At its regular meetings in July 2006, the ACCME Board of Directors adopted updated compliance criteria for the accreditation Elements. The revised model represents a change in emphasis for the ACCME. The ACCME will focus on rewarding accredited CME providers for moving through levels of accreditation while changing and improving their practice of CME. Learning and change will be the goals – both for the learners and for the providers.

The ACCME looks forward to working with accredited providers in this transition so that continuing medical education in the United States supports physicians in improving the quality of care to their patients.  For more information about the levels of accreditation, the updated criteria, and the implementation timeline, please click here.

To submit questions or comments about the updated criteria or to suggest resources that would be of value to the accredited provider, please email  Thank you.

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